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Pencils Down: Stop Designing & Start Developing

From the Big (D)esign conference in June, Aaron Hursman presented this monster to a packed house. He was also kind enough to share it with us as well. Cheers, Aaron! In his own words:

Designers can’t help themselves. We are, by nature, perfectionists. We create, then throw away. We create again, tweak continuously, and fine-tune a design indefinitely. Why can we not stop ourselves? Time passes us by, missing deadlines. In turn, developers anxiously wait for us to finish, so that they can work off of something that has been solidified. During this session, you will learn strategies that will push your design to that “good enough” stage, so you will know “when to say when” and move from designing interfaces to developing them.

PDF is huge (almost 90MB huge) so we’ll leave the heavy lifting to Slideshare’s servers…