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Forty’s Book of Lists

Leave it to two time N&P alum, Forty, to come up with another cool way to do an annual report.

In their words:

The typical corporate annual report is a snoozefest, brimming with overinflated earnings, lofty goals for the next year, and psuedo-inspirational fluff. In typical Forty fashion, our team stuck our tongues out to all those lackluster reports and annual books of lists and said, “To heck with that!” Instead, we created our own version that captures some of our most favorite, least favorite, and downright ridiculous things from the last year. So kick your feet up, and dive in to our Annual Report for 2011: Forty’s Book of Lists.

Looks like their team has a bit of fun as well as turns out some cool projects. I’m looking forward to seeing the debate rage about ranking Helvetica in the same confines as Comic Sans…